Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hola de melaque

finally. i know i promised to blog, but it is going to be harder than i thought to come into the cafe and type. not feeling great today so a perfect opportunity to blog away.
Josh and i left PV on saturday, so hard to say goodbye to kate and rachel, and decided to head south to Barra de Navidad, about 5 hours south of PV. We took a first class bus, thank god, as there was a toilet and extra leg room. long, windy, nauseating drive but beautiful to see something new. When we landed in Melaque, the town before barra, and a man got on the bus while josh was in the bathroom and was pleasantly happy to think his seat was next to me. josh assured him that it was his seat and then the ticket lady came on and told us we missed our stop at barra, oops. We got off in melaque. Fate. Such a cooler town, much smaller and we love the vibe here. We walked to Barra on sunday, over an hour on the beach, and realized we were lucky that we are still working to understand spanish. We have been practicing Yoga everday outside on the beach, found a semi sturdy sandy spot. a bit hot in the sun, i know i shouldn´t complain, but makes for super flexible sweaty yoga! YIPPEE. I heard some tourist today when i was in eka pada sirsasana (leg behind the head) say "i think i´d die if i tried that!" most others seem to watch a bit and keep going, which makes it easier to focus.
Staying at Hotel Hidalgo, small hotel with small room for 200 pesos or $18 per night. Miguel and Mirtha are super sweet and we have a small kitchen for use and free potable water. We love it.
We are heading out tomorrow, not sure where next... stay tuned.
abrazos y besitos


  1. Sounds fab! If I ever managed to get myself into eka pada sirsana, I might die... of excitement.

  2. I just saw your blog on my favorites bar. I see you both are journeying. I have been thinking of you and hope you are having a fantastic time. Much love. Namaste.

  3. hahaha! that was funny to picture you and josh doing yoga on the beach in front of tourists and locals. I finally found your blog, now it's in my favorites too. snowing like crazy here! you are a lucky girl. I miss you tons and hope that wherever you are right now is as peaceful and interesting.