Wednesday, December 8, 2010

three weeks till departure

My departure date of december 30th is fast approaching. Funny how with most things in life we are always looking ahead, what is coming up next? I can't believe my time in Mexico is almost here. These next three weeks will be bittersweet; saying goodbye to family and friends, leaving my home of Yoga East and all my wonderfully devoted students, and deep sadness for the longest time i have been away from my twin sister. The sweetness is in my freedom. Freedom to finally sit with all that has been this past year and time to ponder what will be after Mexico.  I guess some sweetness for my escape from winter, and for all of you who love me, your escape from listening to me complain about the cold!
I plan to use this blog to keep you alert of my travels and wanderings, share sutra teachings and keep in touch with all i hold dear to my heart.
thanks for listening.

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  1. I am missing you already and am glad to have a way that I can check in with you. -Misa